The time has come! After the first edition of my (c)ow mag (azine), entitled “Berglust”, was a great success, I now dare to publish the second edition with the title “Venedig + Biennale”. Out of the mountains, into the city.


Just over half a year ago, I self-published my first photography magazine. After selecting the subject and picking the images, I found a printing shop that satisfied my requirements on price and quality, a supplier was selected for the slipcase and the stamp with the logo was made, I was drum up the business. In order to keep the financial risk small, I collected pre-orders and then kicked off the print. Just before Christmas, I hold my first (c) ow mag in hand. How nice to see your own pictures in such a great form! The printing quality was very good and the format – 30 x 30 cm – was the right choice.

Issue # 2

Encouraged by the great feedback from the buyers, I wanted to publish the next issue soon. But unfortunately one day has only 24 hours and one week only 7 days… At some point you need to sleep. Other projects got in my way, and I needed some loops up to fix the topic “Venice and Biennale”. Fortunately, I have energetic support from friends, who advise me on the topic and help with image selection.

Now the magazine is ready and can be pre-ordered. The printing shop has not increased the prices so I can offer the magazine for 15 € (without shipping). This is again the production price only.


Venice is one of my favorite cities and the art biennale a great event. The pictures are my very personal view of the city and the art happening. I have tried to avoid clichés in order not to show images you’ve seen a thousand times. Following find a small collection from the content. I want you too be excited and enjoy the first browsing through the magazine, when holding it in your hand.


Due to high forwarding charges, I intend to ship only within Germany. If you want to order anyway, get in touch and I’ll inform about shipping.

The magazine
  • Topic: Venice and Biennale
  • 40 pages
  • Format: 30 x 60 cm (open)
  • Digital print on high quality paper
  • Cardboard slipcase
  • Edition: 50 pcs.
  • Publication in August
  • Shipping within Germany only!
  • Autographed

For ordering, send an email to:

Necessary information:

  • Name
  • email address (if different)
  • Number of copies
  • Shipping address

As I don’t run a webshop, the order process is manual. You’ll not receive an automatic order confirmation but a personal email. Payment details will be in this email.

Spread the word!

Do you know someone who could also be interested in my magazine? Send her/him a link to my website and put me in CC. If the one is not already in my mailing list and she/he orders a copy of the (c) ow mag, you will receive 3 fine art postcards from my series “Autumn / Winter”  with your copy of the magazine.