After I got my X-E1 modified to see (almost) only  infrared light, I was on the go yesterday the first time to shoot images. I like landscape images where the sky is completely dark. To achieve this look I had to do this in post while converting the images into B/W . Often I got results with artifacts such as banding. In an infrared image the sky is dark by default , depending of course on the lighting conditions. I am quite pleased with the first results!

The mod is to remove the infrared cutoff filter infront of the sensor and add a filter by choice. I decided for a 700 nm filter, which cuts off light with a wave lenght shorter than 700 nm. The advantage of a modified camera compared to a screw-on filter: The camera is a lot more “light-sensitive” and thus handheld shoots are possible. The screw-on filters blocks a lot of light so the use of a tripod is mandatory. More on infrared photography here.