Since about a year I run little art* project together with my friend Gwendolyn: “Korrespondenzen” (English: „correspondence “). For quite a while I’ve been thinking about how we can bring her painting and my photography together. During a night out (with lots of beer), the idea was born: We give each other a subject, a task which is starting point for her painting or my photo. The work of the one, or rather what he/she writes about it in a postcard, is the starting point for the next work.
It was similar with Here we were a group of photo enthusiasts, who had the same subject at the same time and which we had to turn into a photo. There was also some competition, because the visitors of our website could vote for their favorites image. At some point, shooting the image became more and more compulsory and we so stopped the project when it it still was fun.
How does our project work? And why „correspondence “? This is the process: I shoot a photo and send Gwenny a postcard, in which I write something about the work. This is not an exact description, but just what I’d like to tell her about it. Gwenny will then create her work, inspired by my postcard. When her work is finished, she sends me a postcard, which is the task for my next photo. Same procedure, back and forth. We don’t see the work of the other until we’ve finished our next one.
The project is great fun! As with, I try a lot of new things: Underwater photography, panorama from drone shots, nude photography, …
I have a task, inspiration, input, and I need to think about how I can transform this into a photograph. My first ideas come often spontaneously, sometimes I need more time to create a plan. Some I need plenty of preparation (shoot in the swimming pool), other motifs jump on me during a photo walk. There are only a few rules and it doesn’t have to be a postcard: Twice I sent Gwenny a CD with only one song. We take our time. The pleasure to create and to be creative are goal.
This week we published our works (and correspondence) on Gwenny’s website: Korrespondenzen
[*is this art? I don’t know…]
Here are my photos for the project. For the complete picture, please visit the project page (work in progress!).