22 km, 610 m up, 550m down

Thursday didn’t start good, didn’t improve and ended no good. Only regarding the water from right, bottom, top, front, rear, left. Around noon our shoes were flooded and the moral was down to zero. But in turn.

In the morning back on the Western Way and followed the beautiful River Errif, walking on wonderfully green, soft, and wet meadows. The sheep seaked for shelter under trees and bushe looked puzzled. The Errif River is nearly black from the peat. Through the forest of Sheefry, where we had our lunch in the dry in a small shelter for fishermen. After we walked a few kilometers on a small street and over a pass, the question: the long route over the mountain or just across the street? Mountain! Mountain? Mountain! We’re not made of sugar and: Street? Pah! Well then…

The tour book said “Chose the mountain route only if weather is fine and visibility good”. What is good weather in Ireland? While we hiked up the hill we realized what they mean. There is no path but only more or less wet meadows up that mountain, dirt holes, streams, peat, mud, sheep shit and a few stones. How to find the way? Actually not so difficult. Nice people have put up posts, which point the way. The distance from one to the next is as such that you just see the next one on  the distance. But when it is foggy or the clouds hang low… No way!

But luckily we had no fog and visibility was OK. So finding our way was not the issue but more the fight against the water. The whole mountain is like a sponge since it has been raining here for days or weeks. It gushes a stream in the Valley that spreads over the entire width of the mountain. At least that was our impressions.  At some point we didn’t care any more because inside our boots we had swimming pools already. Arriving on the top the wind has almost swept us away. What’s the slogan in the advertisement of the outdoor gear company?  “At home in nature?” … Down from the mountain we passed Lough Lugacolliwee, which didn’t cause make excitement (more water?). After another  2 hours we hit solid ground again and had another 3 kilometers until redemption: The local pub. 2 pints later the world looked much brighter. And our kind host in the B + B the  had cooked a delicious meal for us, after which we played the couch potatoes in the  ‘sitting room’,  watching football, a nice and spicy peat fire, which helped drying our boots. Are are these webbings in between our toes?

Not many pictures because I didn’t carry my camera due to the poor weather forecast. These where shot with my phone.