As part of my project Korrespondenzen, which I started with my friend Gwenny 1.5 years ago, (more about here), I received the postcard on the right.

As often with these tasks, I immediately had a first idea. Most of the time I turn this first idea into a photo. My association was, “a picture has burned into ones eye (etched into somebodies mind).” I had a photo in mind, from a frightened eye, in which a scary scene is reflected. But how to realise? Of course, I could shoot an eye close-up and then do everything in post with Photoshop. But I didn’t want to. My claim, however, was to create a real reflection on the eye and then shoot it. So I first searched for images on the web as a reference. It must be simple, because the picture in the eye is not very large. High contrast, ideally in black and white. Here are examples of what I found:

Postcard, text written with a matchstick

I found a model quickly: Karo has fun supporting me in such projects. Thanks for that! But how to project the image on her eye? We put an iPad with the image in front of her face: too small, too much to see of the room around. Next, the laptop: Still not good! OK, then I put the image on my TV and Karo set in front of it.

Next challenge: I have no macro lens. My goal was to have the eye fill the full frame. So I used my 56 mm lens and went as close as possible. However, since the minimum focus disctance of this lens is 70 cm only, I couldn’t really have the eye full frame. So I had to crop the image later in post, means I’ll not be able to print it large scale. What do I often read: “With new/better equipment you don’t make better photos”… well… I didn’t buy a macro lens anyway. Until now…

Below the pictures of the setup and the final result: