The drive from Canyonlands to Monument Valley was a long one. The landscape rich in variety the weather not so good: cloudy and windig. Before leaving a few last photos taken of the amazing scenery in the Canyonlands under a dramatic sky.

All of a sudden you can see the red rock towers standing around. Just like we know them from many movies and pictures. Nevertheless it makes a big difference to see the things in real. We were not sure if we should book a tour through the monument when we saw the entrance fee and the prices for a tour and turned off to Golding’s Trading Post for a short visit.

Late afternoon already, where to stay for the night? We went to the small National Park Navajo National Monument. The campsite was again small and cosy with only 4 other campers at that time. WE had a nice view and a quiet spot,


During the night we had a thunderstorm and were happy to be in a van and not  in a tent. The next morning brought a magical morning sky and we made a short hike to see the ancient Indian settlement.