Holidays, finally! The last half year was exhausting, I was traveling a lot in Germany and abroad. Too little time to use the camera and even less to blog. Today now my little review of my year 2017 in photography. OK, the year’s not over yet but hey, it’s Christmas Eve, no tree to set up and the party starts later tonight. So I have a little spare time to browse my images and look back.


I started this little project last year together with my friend Gwenny and it’s still big fun and inspiration. More about the project and our works here and on Gwenny’s website. I often try new things and work hard to achieve the image I have on mind. Two examples from 2017: “Hot Shower” und “Burnt-In“:


I did short trips, business trips, and long travels. On all I wanted to take a camera and shoot but that was unrealistic, especially on my business trips. Airport – Hotel – Meeting – Dinner – Hotel – Airport… My highlight in terms of travel photography was Taiwan. You can find my travel log here on my blog.

A small selection of my travel pics:

Other Projects

Photography is such a broad field and I want to try (almost) everything  ;) Some topics and techniques are interesting and I make them long term projects , like Polaroids und emulsion lift, architecture/long exposures, concerts, film photography. Yeas, I shoot film, again! I plan to blog about it since a while but…some day I will.


Architecture and Long Exposures

Film Photography


What else?

(c)Mag #2

Oh yes, my 2nd issue of my magazine. Ups and downs: Chosing a topic, chosing another, selecting images, arranging them in the layout, advertising and then… not enough pre-orders. Frustration! Then all of a sudden another order for 10 copies and I could kick-off the print. Will there be an issue #3? Don’t know. Rather not.

Meaningless Statistics

My private image data base grew by 6250 shoots in 2017. Most of the images I shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 (3577), though 106 pics with the iPhone.

Top 5 lenses I used:

Lens images
Fuji 18-55 mm 2761
Fuji 23 mm (X100) 637
Fuji 35 mm 340
Fuji 90 mm 216
Fuji 50 -140 mm 214

I don’t like portrait orientation so much: 71 % of the pictures are in landscape, 16 % in portrait and 13 % in square format. The fastest shutter speed was 1/8000 s the slowest 6 min. Around 10 % of all images are B/W (increasing). The files eat up  ca. 190 GB on my HDD. Meaningless statistics? I told you!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a quiet and peaceful holiday season!!